Woman Who Married Her Mother After They Hit It off Convicted of Incest


A young woman from Duncan, Oklahoma who married her own birth mother has been convicted of the crime of incest.

Mother and Daughter Who Got Married Are Now Facing Incest Charges – blogged by: @eleven8 – In today’s bizarre news, a mother and daughter are now facing incest charges after getting married. 43 year old Patricia Ann Spann and her daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, were charged with incest on September 7th. Police only learned of the marriage after conducting a child welfare investigation. Patricia told child services that she’d lost custody of her children and they were adopted by their grandmother. At some point Patricia reconnected with her daughter and got married.  She claimed that she thought the marriage was legal since her name isn’t on Misty’s birth certificate. This wouldn’t be the first time creepy Patricia has done something like this. Back in 2008, Patricia married her son. 15 months later he filed for an annulment citing incest. Patricia and Misty are currently being held in a Stephens County jail on $10,000 bond each.

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Twenty six year old Misty Spann was not raised by her mother and instead her grandmother was given custody after her mother Patricia Spann, 44 lost custody of Misty and her two other children.

It was not until three years ago that the mother daughter pair were reunited. The two began an incestuous relationship after Misty and Patricia Spann both fell in love with each other. The couple married in Comanche County, Oklahoma in March, 2016.

Authorities did not find out about the incestuous relationship till about five months later when during an investigation into child welfare only then did they uncover the stomach churning affair.

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Later on, investigators found out that Patricia Spann had not been married to her own child for the first time. In fact she married her own son as far back as 2008. Her son went on to file for an annulment of their marriage some fifteen months later in 2010, citing the fact that it was an incestuous marriage and thus illegal from the get go.

In a written affidavit Patricia Spann admitted to police that she and her daughter Misty “hit it off” after the pair reunited three years ago. She said that she had analyzed the prospect of marrying her daughter and had wrongly come to the conclusion that it was something legal as Patricia’s name was not on her daughter Misty’s birth certificate, her affidavit went on to add. She said that because of the fact that she did not have legal custody of her daughter and her two sons, their relationship was not illegal and should not be treated as incest even though she was their biological mother.

According to reports by the Tulsa World, Misty Spann was given a ten year suspended prison term after she admitted to incest this week at the Stephens County Court.

The mother. Patricia Spann who gave her name as Patricia Ann Clayton on the couple’s marriage certificate is all set to stand trial in January next year.

It was Misty who moved to court in order to get the marriage annulled and cited “illegality and fraud” as her reasons for asking for an annulment of the horrifying and illegal union between mother and daughter.

Misty claimed that her mother had misled and had told her that she had gone to a lawyer and sought legal advice and that it was perfectly legal for their pair to tie the knot, something which was patently false. However as of yet unlike her daughter who pleaded guilty and got a ten years of prohibition, Patricia Spann has pleaded not guilty to the charge of incest.

According to Oklahoma state law marriage is illegal and thus can be annulled if it happens

“Between ancestor and descendant, stepparent and stepchild, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, brother and sister, first cousins (but will recognize marriage of first cousins married in state where it is legal); under the age of 18, unless given parent’s or legal guardian’s consent; under the age of 16, unless (1) in settlement of suit for paternity, or (2) in the case of childbirth or pregnancy.”

If Patricia Spann does go to trial as scheduled she would not only get a ten year sentence for the incestuous marriage she might get a longer sentence than her daughter due to the aggravating circumstances of her case. At a bare minimum however she can look forward to at least a decade behind bars.


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