What You Should Never Say to Your Man Based on His Zodiac

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We are all so obsessed with trying to figure out men and see what they like and do not like. This is actually pretty funny because they think the same way about us. Of course, men confuse us and they sometimes they make no sense at all. This is where their zodiac signs can help us understand them. We all love zodiac signs and find them so fun but they can also help you understand your man. Now save yourself from one more fight and find out what things to never say to him.

15. Aquarius

An Aquarius guy is your typical mysterious guy who is so interesting and totally grabs your attention when you first meet him. Even with time when you are both totally into each other and things have gotten serious, you will realize this guy is still a mystery to you.

This is because Aquarius men are just not very emotionally expressive and will easily get annoyed when bothered with questions like “What are you thinking?” “What’s on your mind?” or “What’s going on?”. Just save yourself the frustration and no matter what, don’t expect your Aquarius guy to be emotionally strong and expressive.

14. Pisces

Even though your Pisces boyfriend might seem like the perfect guy who is always there for you and gives you all the attention you need, you know there is one thing he never wants to listen to.

This one flaw is that he thinks he is always right and you can never tell him “You’re wrong.” This is obviously very annoying but you should know better than to make this mistake so just find a sweeter approach to get your point across.

13. Aries

If you are in a relationship with an Aries guy you already know how moody they can be. Just like everyone else he does not want to hear what is wrong with him. This is why it will piss him off if he is told he is in a bad mood so why bother in the first place and not just ignore the topic all together.

Instead play his favorite movie and order him a pizza or something. Obviously, he can’t be mad for long if pizza is involved.

12. Taurus

Taurus men are known to be stubborn and no one will know that more than their partner. Taurus men hate being told “You need to compromise” and this drives them totally insane.

Obviously, compromise is key in any relationship but don’t make the mistake of telling him that.

Save yourself an argument on who is more annoying and just leave that discussion out completely. Just remember, compromise is hard for everyone but it takes everything out of a Taurus man to find a middle ground.

11. Gemini

Poor Gemini already struggle with so much on their own since they have a hard time making decisions and being in relationships only makes this worse. This is why you should never complain about how your Gemini boyfriend can’t even decide on something super simple like what to have for dinner. This is why you should never ask him things like what you guys are gonna do on your date. Of course, it could be a simple answer but poor guy will get confused with all the options. Do him a favor and decide yourself!

10. Cancers

Who says real men don’t cry? Poor Cancer men are naturally very emotional and struggle with keeping this as less obvious as possible. This is why you should never point out to your Cancer boyfriend that he is being too emotional. You hate when people say that to you, don’t you? Well he is the same way! In fact, be happy he actually cares and worries about your relationship. Aww!

9. Leo

You know how much you love your Leo guy? Well, just know that he loves himself even more! This is why he will never understand when you tell him that he is being annoying. In his mind he can never be irritating, and won’t ever understand why you don’t think he’s always doing the right thing. Of course, that in itself is annoying but just learn to move on and let go.

8. Virgo

You’re a very lucky girl if you are dating a Virgo man because he has many amazing qualities like being organized, responsible or even intelligent. This is all because Virgo tend to worry a lot and you telling him that he is just stressing out will only make him even more stressed out for being stressed out in the first place. Confusing right? Just do everyone a favor and let him be!

7. Libra

Life has many fair and unfair qualities but do not say that to your Libra man! There is nothing he wants more than to be fair and equal, so if you tell him that he is being unfair than he will totally freak out! Either he will get very mad or he will feel extremely guilty, either way it is no good for you so just take our word and don’t do it!

6. Scorpio

If your Scorpio boyfriend ever asks for your opinion or wants you to make a decision, make sure to never say “I don’t know.” There is nothing Scorpio people hate more than inactive people so this will make him loose his mind. Scorpio men always want you to be on your best and will keep you on your toes. Skip on the lecture on being more confident and just say what you want to do for dinner tonight!

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are known for being very blunt and this is why they hate being asked “Are you sure?” They can be very in the moment and just say things to say them without actually meaning it. Even if you know they are not being for real and you know they know they are not being for real, don’t question it. Just let it be.

4. Capricorn

You know your Capricorn man is very organized and does not play around and this might just be what makes you so crazy about him. This is why don’t ever ask him to “ be more adventurous.” Obviously there is nothing wrong with being adventurous, but you are just talking to the wrong guy. And that’s okay because this also gives him the stable personality you can always rely on!

3. Water Signs

Water signs are always taking everything so seriously and can be so emotional but this is also the last thing they want to hear. Of course, this can be very annoying when you know he is being annoying about something that doesn’t even matter but this just comes with the territory of being with a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.

2. Air Signs

Air signs are naturally very free-spirited and do not like being trapped in any situation. This is why when you ask him about why you aren’t spending more time together he will only get more frustrated. So if you are dating an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini just know this question will never work how you want it too.

1. Earth Signs

Earth Signs love organizing and staying on a certain track and this is what keeps them mentally secure. This is why they hate being asked why they can’t just calm down and this only makes them less calm. You have to take the good with the bad and just remember why you fell for him in the first place.


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