What Kind of Partner Are You Based on Your Zodiac

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Your zodiac signs can tell a lot about you and your personal preferences. This is why based on your zodiac signs you can tell a lot about what you like under the sheets. Obviously, you enjoy being with your lover in such an intimate way, there are some things that get you completely turned off. This is why it is so important to set boundaries on what you are comfortable with and what you don’t want to try. Here’s what you don’t like in bed based on your zodiac sign.

15. Aquarius

Aquarius are naturally into trying new things and have a very free spirited personality. This is why you won’t enjoy doing the basic things in bed even though, you love trying everything else. You aren’t a very emotional girl so you are more open to new things. However, this also means that you can’t fake anything because you don’t see the point. This is why you have a hard time lying about enjoying the basic things.

14. Pisces

Pisces naturally hate to be primitive because if emotions aren’t involved then you hate it. This is why you hate doing anything that doesn’t involve passion and intense love. You love staring into your partner’s eyes and you love taking your time. You want your lover to love spending time with you and enjoy this experience with you. This is why you are so sensitive to your man’s needs.

13. Aries

You’re a girl who knows exactly what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. This is why you are always in control in the bedroom and you hate it when he tries to take the lead. You hate being tied up but you love props and are usually down to try anything in bed. You are impatient though, so you don’t like getting involved in anything that takes too long.

12. Taurus

You are all about pleasing your lover and you will take your time to do this. You don’t like the idea of doing anything that is too crazy because you are all about intimacy. However, you know how to do the simple and passionate stuff and you know you are good that. This is why you make sure your partner respects that.

11. Gemini

You are very hard to please in bed because you constantly change your mind. You start with one position and change to another but then want to go back to the first one. You never want to give suggestions because they never seem to please you like you thought they would.

10. Cancer

You are naturally very emotional and get attached super easily this is why you hate meaningless sex. One night stands are the worst for you because you don’t know how they even work. It is always better for you when you can look into your lover’s eyes and feel the intimacy. You hate doing anything fun or even teasing because they just are not intimate enough. You just want to pamper your partner all night and all you want back in return is cuddling afterwards.

9. Leo

You are very confident so when you find someone who is worth your time you don’t hold back. You are not insecure so are basically down for anything because you have nothing to be afraid of. The only thing you hate is anything that portrays you in an unflattering way because you always need to look good. Long story short: as long as you look good, you love it.

8. Virgo

You love being so close with your man and trying fun new things but you absolutely hate the aftermath. The clean up just makes you so nervous. You are a cautious person so you know that staying in your limits is very important to you. You are sensitive, rigid and a clean freak so all together you have a lot going through your mind but once you actually get into it, you know how to drive your partner crazy.

7. Libra

You hate confrontation so you make sure you drop hints on what you like and don’t like. However, nothing makes you more mad than when your man doesn’t pick up on your signals. There is nothing you hate more than pillow talk because you hate it when the conversation gets too distasteful. You can totally be a wild cat but with limits.

6. Scorpio

Just looking at you can tell that you are a goddess in bed. However, if this doesn’t mean that you don’t like being intimate in bed and don’t like cuddling. The one thing you hate more than anything is when there are more people involved. This is because you need the focus to be on you and this is what keeps you adventurous and fun in bed!

5. Sagittarius

You love a good time especially when there is a lot of laughter and jokes involved. The only thing is people get very attached with you and find it hard to back away. This is why you always struggle with the super clingy boyfriends. You are all about chilling out and enjoying yourself so you hate it when the lights are off because it’s too serious. Overall, you don’t have time do anything that’s not fun!

4. Capricorn

You absolutely hate role-playing even though you don’t mind trying new sexy lingerie. You hate when you are with someone who is inexperienced and doesn’t know what they are doing because this is completely knew for you. You need someone to keep up with you and if they can’t then you want nothing to do with them.

3.Third Most Adventurous Male Signs: Pisces

It always something new with him and that is what you absolutely love about him. It seems as if his ideas in the bedroom are never ending because he is always into experimenting. You will be trying out all your wild dreams and it will be that much better if you are in love.

2. Second Most Adventurous Male Signs: Aries

Just know that if you are with an Aries man you will be asked to try different bizarre things. They might be crazy but you will at least know you will have a good time with him. He will make sure you will feel beautiful because of his intense lust and want for you. You will for sure have endless fun stories to tell your friends!

1. Most Adventurous Male Signs: Scorpio

Know you will be doing it in all different kinds of places whether it’s in your car or your parent’s bathroom. It might even take of your life, but who’s complaining. If you are also fast-paced than you will finally meet someone who can satisfy all your crazy wants.


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