Something Curious Is Happening to Kylie Jenner


Model and Reality Television Personality Kylie Jenner has a lot going on in her life. At such a young age, Jenner has an enormous fan following on social media, a cosmetic brand to her name, and a mobile app that topped charts upon its release. She is also the youngest person to be placed on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year. Therefore, it would be safe to say that Kylie is one of the most blessed teenagers on the planet.

However, a recent turn of events in her life has surrounded her with an air of uncertainty. Kylie Jenner is undergoing a curious transformation. Her fans have been trying to figure out the events that have led to this. In order to answer all questions about the strange phase Kylie is going through; let’s look at some of the things that have followed up to this rather curious situation.

A bad taste in partners!


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Recently, when news broke out of Kylie and Tyga’s breakup, everyone was pretty sure it was just another break. However, Kylie got into another relationship with American rapper Travis Scott and the couple was reportedly very happy together.

All seemed to go well until controversy spread like wildfire. The two split as Kylie had found that Scott was cheating on her with as much as ten different women. However, she gave him another chance. The question that remains to be asked is that why does Kylie obsess over untrustworthy men?

The only feasible answer stems from the fact that growing up, she has seen a lot of shaky relationships around her. It could be one of the reasons for her decisions.

Being an outcast.


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Kylie’s ties with her family have been shaky as of late. During the filming of the fourteenth season of the reality show “Keeping up with The Kardashians,” Kylie was missing from most of the family meetings. Once, at Kourtney’s house, their family friend Larsa Pippen asked where Kylie was.

To that, her sister Khloe remarked that Kylie wouldn’t be attending as she was ‘the new Rob.’ She was referring to their brother Rob who had been missing from family gatherings over the past couple of years as well. Kylie did not star in the show’s tenth anniversary special which aroused some more suspicion.

Another point to be noted is Kylie’s relationship with her sister Kendall. She once said on an episode of “Life with Kylie” that if the two of them weren’t sisters, they wouldn’t be friends, either. This is because she thinks they are too different from each other. However, this whole scenario fuels the possibility of Kylie being fed up with her whole family.

A decrease in popularity.

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The demand for Kylie’s cosmetic products skyrocketed upon the launch of her brand. The esteemed ‘Kylie Lip Kits’ were selling out quickly and things were looking great. The stores she opened up would have an enormous queue of people waiting outside in excitement as fans were totally in awe of the diva.

They spent their cash on her products without having second thoughts. However, things started to look down too quickly. Surprisingly enough, her reality series “Life of Kylie” was not getting enough views when it aired on TV. People thought the show was boring and thus stopped following it.

Another nail in the coffin was the failure of her store in New York City. A while before its inauguration, there were very few people in the queue outside. This overall decline went to show that Kylie’s appeal was finally fading. The public just did not seem to be interested in her anymore. Moreover, she did not turn up to the opening of the aforementioned store, further proving her decline in popularity.

Mixed opinions about the spotlight.

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Kylie Jenner might be losing interest in her fame. Even though she makes a ton of money through her cosmetics brand, she prefers staying outside the limelight.

After she got pregnant with Travis Scott’s child, Kylie preferred staying home and out of the limelight. She even toned down her social media usage claiming it was exhausting to constantly entertain people with what was going on in her life. Kylie also said that all the fame was making her want to run away from it all.

She wants to feel like a normal person as that is what makes her happiest. Will she step away from the fame once and for all? We’ll surely find out soon.

A fast-paced childhood.

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Kylie and Kendall first appeared on the reality show ‘Keeping up with The Kardashians’ when they were both nine years old. The show was centered on the lives of their older sisters and thus they made lesser appearances.

However, her life was brought into the spotlight as she grew up and started featuring regularly on the show. Deemed the ‘breakout star,’ Jenner quickly made a name for herself. Despite the fame, she wasn’t really content about growing up around cameras. She always preferred a ‘normal’ life, one in which there would be no eyes on her.

Due to all the commotion around her life, Kylie has unfortunately grown up too fast. So fast, that she has ended up losing herself.

Losing herself!

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Living in a huge mansion can never bring happiness. True happiness stems from the heart, and that is not what Kylie has felt in quite some time.

Even though she posts pictures of herself smiling on social media, deep down inside Kylie is lonely. She has even discussed how being famous has made her ‘lose herself’ over the years. At around the age of fourteen, she was a popular social media star and posted a lot of funny content on the internet. She loved to have fun with her friends but all that lasted until she got more and more famous.

As time passed, people started leaving mean comments on her social media profiles, deeply hurting her and making her retreat into her shell. Everyone judged her and now she claims that no one knows the real her. Even her friends have been confused about the events going on in her life.

Rumours of an engagement.

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Despite a shaky relationship with Tyga, Jenner revealed in February 2017 that she was ready to marry the rapper. However, she was in another relationship with Travis Scott very soon.

The relationship went too quickly as rumors of an engagement began to spread following her pregnancy. She was even seen wearing a ring on her finger on social media. However, other reports claimed that the couple was not interested in marrying anytime soon.

No one knows what is going to happen. The rumors can only be put to bed by Kylie herself.

A lonely life.


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Kylie was seen enjoying at the Coachella festival with her close friend Hailey Baldwin. She even used to spend time with her sister Kendall and her friends.

However, as of late, Jenner only hangs out with her best friend Jordyn Woods and the two have a very strong bond. They even had a commitment ceremony in Peru that further solidified their friendship. The question that remains unanswered is why did Kylie stop hanging out with her old friends?

The pregnancy scandal.

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One of the weirdest things going on in Kylie’s life is her pregnancy. Is she pregnant or not? As of now, no one knows.

However, a few pictures have leaked of hers looking heavier than usual. Kylie was quick to play them down and label them as ‘photoshopped.’ One of her pictures showed clear signs of pregnancy according to one fan. Refraining from posting body shots, she has raised suspicion.

Aerial shots of a secret baby shower caused a stir as people have started to believe that she is pregnant. However no one knows for sure.

What is going on in Kylie Jenner’s life? Will she be able to come out of this mess unscathed? Only time will tell.


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