How Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Break Up

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Breakup is a horrible time for anyone since you get used to a person’s presence that it seems impossible to want to live without them. Who are you supposed to spend all your time with now? We all deal with this type of pain in different ways because we handle rejection differently.

Below we have ranked zodiac signs based on how well they handle a breakup. Check it out and figure out how you are at handling this type of pain. If you think you need to improve your breakup behavior then don’t worry you can always fix yourself.

15. Worst: Taurus

Taurus are known for being very stubborn and not finding a middle ground with anyone else. This is what explains why they are the worst sign when it comes to breakups. Taurus people tend to live off their relationships and this is what causes them the worst pain. They give their all and they deserve the same back. A Taurus will never look at it from the other side’s angle.

14. Worst: Aries

Aries always wants to be the best in everything in life and this is why they also want to be the best girlfriends too. This is why Aries get so hurt during a breakup. The Aries get very competitive and don’t like the idea of not being the best at that relationship. This is what makes Aries so revengeful whether its finding someone better, winning back the ex or ruining their ex’s belongings.

13. Worst: Capricorn

Capricorn hate going through the breakup just like everyone else but what they hate the most is that they struggle with everyone knowing about your breakup. It is too messy for them. This is a very extremist personality so they will most likely cut out their ex completely. This is because they will want to punish their ex and hurt them.

12. Worst: Cancer

Cancers can often let their emotions run their actions and this is what makes them horrible at breakups. Cancers can easily feel insecure, angry or rejected which makes them very upset after the breakup. This makes them all over the place after the breakup because they will just go wherever their emotions take them.

11. Worst: Leo

Breakups are horrible for a Leo because they are so obsessed with themselves that they can’t imagine why someone would not want to be with them. This is why they will counteract by making themselves a constant problem in their ex’s life. They will be looking for revenge and will post many bikini selfies. They will make sure their ex will never forget them.

10. Worst: Pisces

Pisces tend to get very emotionally attached to the people in their lives but at the same time they still will understand why they are going through the breakup. They can understand all the different perspectives and angles on the breakup and will know why it is happening. However, don’t forget that their sensitivity is also going to make this very hard for them.

9. Best: Aquarius

Aquarius barely ever show their emotions and don’t ever really show affection and this is what makes them good at breakups. They could be going through the hardest time and be in the worst position in life but they will never let it show. This is good because their ex won’t have to deal with an emotional breakdown. However, this is just not healthy for the sign that is going through it.

8. Best: Gemini

Gemini are rarely ever in the place to be getting dumped but when in the rare times when they are they will be okay. They don’t take a while to go through the pain. They might not understand why you are breaking up with them right away but they won’t give you a hard time. But don’t be surprised if you randomly wake up to a text from your Gemini ex whose wanting you back.

7. Best: Scorpio

Even though Scorpio are very emotional and in touch with their feelings they still remain very cool and collected. After a breakup, they will feel the pain of losing their partner but will also realize it wasn’t the best scenario.

6. Best: Virgo

Virgo need an explanation for everything and this is why after a breakup their mind will be all over the place. They will be able to put pieces together and figure out exactly why they were no good for their ex-partner. This is what gets them through breakups without losing their mind completely.

5. How to be more like a Virgo?

Instead of freaking out and thinking your life wile d after your boyfriend leaves you, think about why you are at the place now. Obviously things were not as perfect as you might remember them to be. In fact, in situations like this we only tend to remember the good and forget the bad but instead we should be honest like a Virgo. Turn all that negative energy into something positive for yourself!

4. Best: Sagittarius

Sagittarius don’t like taking anything too seriously and would rather deal with it in a more positive way. They love joking around and traveling so will turn this dark time into a place for them to grow and learn. This is not because they don’t care but just because this is how they naturally know to cope with these things.

3. How to be more like a Sagittarius?

Obviously a breakup is a hard time and is hard to think of positive things during this time. However, it is also important to understand that there is a silver lining behind everything and it is on us to find it. After this breakup, you are losing someone who doesn’t want to be with you and instead you will find your man. Isn’t that something to be happy about?

2. Libra

Libra are very fair-minded which allows them to view both sides and understand both of the parties. This is what makes them the best at dealing with breakups. The Libra will even understand where the other is coming from even if it hurts them in the long run. However, they do hate confrontation so don’t expect them to be vocal about their feelings.

1. How to be more like a Libra?

In order to think like a Libra you need to be able to think from another’s perspective because it tells you why the other did what they did. This allows the Libra to find peace in the decision and just accept it for what it is. You will allow for you and your ex to peacefully move on.


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