Here’s How to Keep Your BF Happy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


If you are in a relationship and your boyfriend is moving away in term of emotions and physically as well, or you want to keep your relationship lively there are some ways to make her stay and light up your relationship. Your constellation has specific features that can work to your benefit and prevent your relationship from coming to a stop. Relationships are not a walk in the pack, and it’s hard to maintain it in a lively stage, but half of it all is ups and downs for a trial. Several ways can be used to do this. Understand the one thing that will always make him come back no matter what in accordance to your constellation.

15. Scorpio: the secrets that you have.


You can be compared to a puzzle that your boyfriend can’t get a solution to. For extreme relationships emotions may be intense but you don’t publicize it for others to see. This is confusing to your boyfriend since the time that he feels you love him through what you do, you, on the other hand, is so open and showing it off that it can be easily sensed. Scorpio ladies are mystical and seductive which is the reason as to why he will keep on coming back over and over till he realizes so which will be difficult.

14. Sagittarius: your longing for adventure and exploration.


Falling in love is not an issue to you but once you start thinking of the future commitment that is required you become relaxed. Because you are always positive in all situations and you love to venture the world and have the curiosity of a cat, then those are enough reasons to make him run back to you. He will have fun in the relationship as compared to others he has been in. You are easily bored, and as an alternative, you find options for traveling and having an outdoor activity to keep yourself entertained. He is always attached to you and jovial due to your childish behavior.

13. Capricorn: A don’t care attitude is rear.


Don’t fully commit yourself to a relationship without first weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Once you indulge in it be yourself and he will love you. You don’t care trait and not being apologetic with honesty is what keeps her running back in addition to your faithfulness and the fact that he can trust you.

You are not expensive and can easily cope with his friends. He knows you are reliable and thinks of the future of you. Indulging into a relationship with no future is unusual.

12. Aquarius: you are so friendly. Something unique.


Tradition is you think, and you always follow the desires of your heart without being concerned with the opinion of others. This does not imply that you want to start a family it means that you just want to be yourself and being in a relationship should not change you.

This is the reason as to why you both started as friends and without you being aware you were already in love with each other. Friendship is essential to you, and the reason as to why he keeps coming back is because you are his best friend in addition to the fact that you are unique and can’t be easily forecasted.

11. Pisces: your eyes are just enough for him.


For this category, they fall in love with love and once in love you get consumed deeply into it that your boyfriend can’t do anything wrong in front of you. He cannot deny you the love that you want. This is dangerous as you can’t see beyond your mistakes in the future. You are high spirited and can pretend to be yourself in a relationship thus making the relationship to be inactive.

You make your boyfriend proud on only by how you look at him but the fact that you are consumed with love. If you continue looking at him in that manner, he will always run back to you but if you put the looks down you are the one who will run away and never look back.

10. Aries: self-dependence.


Men will always want independent ladies. They view you as an active lady, spirited and can’t be turned down. When men see such, they opt to take the challenge. If you find a man that you can’t intimidate, then he will see you like a lady who has everything and can live without him. He knows very well you can leave without him and that’s why he always come back and make himself part of your life. You are not going to look for him now and then to confirm his love for you since you feel secure without him. If a guy loves, your independence as a land be sure he will run back to you, and there will be no dull moments in your relationship.

9. Taurus: Sensuality is all that you need.


You always love with all you five body senses and appear to be a delicate flower. Pride in them and always wants to feel secure at all times. They are the best to fall in love with due to their sensuality, loyalty, and love for food especially when it comes to cooking. They love romance and showing it off is always a part of it all. They have a natural beauty and likes expensive foods, luxurious textures, and equal sensual partners. Your relationships are stable making him feel secure thus will always run back to you.

8.Gemini: a Charming gift is a solution.


You are so charming and may have a talk with the most introvert man and still make then love you. You can sweet talk him without even being physically appealing. For a charming controversial is you fall in love at first sight then falling out of it quickly is not a big issue. That’s the reason why he will keep running back to you, and if he knows you well, then your loyalty and love for him will want him to be involved in your life. He knows happiness is what you have to give him and as a Gemini restriction is not for you, and therefore the challenge is all upon him to put up with you.

7.Cancer: Ready to nurture.


They will make sure you are taken care of, well fed and satisfied. They act like mothers. They always give all when they are in love to the point of forgetting their own needs. Someone can take advantage of you and therefore it’s essential to put your needs first and establish boundaries when you are in a relationship.

He will always come back since he feels taken care of, loved and secure. Loyalty is also one of your virtue, and thus he knows you can’t hurt him purposely. There is no any other woman to tolerate and pumper him and will always run back to you.

6. Leo: love the fact that they are in love.


She will treat her boyfriend like a king because she feels royal and loves the fact that she is in love. Once she is in love, her world will revolve around love and likes romance, sensuality and some drama. She can go to the extent of creating show if her needs are not met.

Passion is always there as a result of them being fiery. Sometimes they may intentionally indulge you is a fight to make up. You have a warm, welcoming heart that makes it easy to fall in love with you and always wants to be treated like a queen and not afraid to tell your boyfriend so. You have a life full of excitement and can move on without him despite the fact that you prioritize your boyfriend first. The fact that you through a challenge keeps him running back all the time.

5.Virgo has a vision of the future.


When you met, there is a likely hood that you didn’t make the first move. You made him work for your love and commitment. They are very careful when it comes to issues to do with love. Emotions don’t override everything in their life and are very rational and perfect things for the one they love. Your boyfriend enjoys that, and he knows what he gets out of it, and the point that you are dating him makes him a catch, he feels very secure and as if he is the only guy you have ever loved and definitely will always run back to you.

4.Libra: calms things when on fire to bring serenity.


Standards and beautiful things are part of you with a characteristic of a peacemaker. Provided your life is balanced then handling a relationship will be comfortable and no effort applied. You don’t always express your emotions openly, and even if your boyfriend knows you genuinely, then you will not allow the feelings control you at any point. This is important in maintaining peace as well as balance in any relationship since you value yourself so much and can’t let the emotions take over you. This is an attribute that is rear to find, and this will make her come back all the time.

3. Taurus BONUS: stubbornness is an advantage.


This attribute makes them not realize any form of mistreatment from their boyfriend and once feel mistreated they don’t hesitate to say it. They always have an aim not less, not more. They are not the kind that changes in a relationship to please someone. And when they say something then they mean it. The guy will feel loved and secure because of the sensual attribute Taurus ladies possess making them come back again and again.

2.Leo Bonus: pride won’t make you look desperate.


Always aspire to be treated in the same manner and will never appear desperate to your boyfriend. She can break up anytime and does not like to be viewed as weak by anyone even the ones she loves, therefore, is a challenge to most men. She may not text and call you in the initial stages of your relationship and may also not reply to your messages for the first time till you persist. For someone to be in a relationship with you, he has to work for it because you don’t give in that easily. You want to be chased around, and whether he is aware of that or not, it will keep him running back to you.

1.Scorpio BONUS: passion is all that he needs to stick with you.


They work towards excitement and are not scared to expose their insatiable sensuality. When you are together, you are free, and nothing hinders or restrains you. Arguments may arise, but you won’t be you won’t forget the romance in the bedroom. Don’t confuse him with that since you also want to be loved. You all owe each other memorable times and moments, and he understands this. Moreover, he knows there won’t be a dull moment that you will share since you are passionate which is the reason as to why he can’t leave you.


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