9 Signs a Man Is Trying to Hide His Deepest Emotions by Acting like an Absolute Jerk


Emotions are difficult to express, and even more difficult to guess just by looking at another person. And when it comes to men’s emotions, you could feel like banging your head against a wall. This is because men don’t usually even admit to themselves that they have emotions at all.

Hence, when men do feel some uncontrollable emotions within themselves, they have problems dealing with them. Their instinct in such a situation may be to act out and generally behave like jerks. Here are a few ways in which you can determine whether a man is behaving badly due to some pent-up feelings:

9. Party Animal


If a man is constantly turning up at all-night parties, he may not be all right emotionally. If you look closely, he might be turning to bad habits and worse company because he is deeply hurt inside. When a guy goes through a hurtful breakup or a severe loss, he could try to fill the void with questionable activities.

This may not be the best decision, but it seems to be the easiest one for him at the time. Men don’t usually eat their feelings nor have sob sessions with their close friends. Their idea of getting over someone is to distract themselves with bright lights, late nights, drinking, and maybe even drugs. Needless to say, such individuals should have someone supportive and responsible by their side instead of crazed clubbers.

8. Verbal Lashings


An emotional man may very well be like an angry, stubborn, and over-sensitive child. He may even indulge in severe rudeness and misbehave with those he loves the most. Of course, one should not be putting up with any form of abuse, but there may be a little leeway here.

When men feel like they have no place or choice left, they lash out for the most part. They are not so different from wild animals in this case because they have nothing but their instincts to turn to. They may even try to hurt their partner’s feelings with both their words and their body language.

However, when verbal craziness gives way to physical reactions, it may be time for severe action. If you fear for your safety in the presence of a man like this, secure yourself first. You can try to help him when he’s cooled down. If these incidents are becoming frequent, try to get some professional help for him as soon as possible.

7. Risking it All


From time to time, you would notice your man risking his life, money, and even his career on thrilling activities. This could include skydiving, mountaineering, or quitting a job for the heck of it. He would do this not because of a true passion, but just to get that rush of adrenaline.

This may seem silly to those around them, but it could be the only way they know to let off their inner steam. They may not have been brought up to express their emotions with any other medium. Physical activities, the riskier the better, is what they understand, not talking things out or venting.

6. A Cocky Rooster


If a man is feeling less than complete, he may try to compensate for his inner feelings. This happens because they need to feel some sort of confidence in themselves. Whether this can be received by strutting around like a rooster is not in their thoughts.

A deeply emotional man is not entirely rational. He would be insecure but hide behind the farce of knowing everything. In their eyes, this is better than showing their weakness even to those who are their closest friends. They would rather bluff their way through awkward and disappointing phases in life than confide in others.

5. Head-shaking Jokes


Along with overconfidence comes an inability to filter out many things. This includes political correctness, which usually goes out the window when a man gets emotional. When he is unable to express himself in decent words, he may think to crack a yo’ mamma joke is absolutely hilarious.

Cracking such jokes could be his way of relieving stress. Needless to say, they will not work and would only serve to increase the tensions in his life. If you are close to such an individual, try taking him somewhere private and gently explain what he’s doing wrong.

If he is feeling a lot of pain and hurt inside, he could be unable to gauge inappropriate jokes for himself. Hence, he needs someone to take action and prevent him from risking his current connections.

4. Not Being Himself


We never really know all the nuances of another person. However, a man who is under deep emotional stress is likely to adopt some adopt certain habits. These habits may be completely unfamiliar to his family and close friends.

Acting out of character doesn’t mean the person has been kidnapped and replaced by aliens. One must look closely and note whether he’s had some recent struggle or tragedy which he may not be able to talk about. This would probably be the reason of his acting out, as mentioned in the first point.

The other points up until now are also examples of behaviors that may not have a precedent. More examples would include indulging in activities such as shoplifting, slacking off classes/work, or not sleeping at night.

3. The Hermit


If a man is completely unable to deal with his inner turmoil, he may have no choice but to shut himself down. This could mean that he goes off the grid, both on social media and in real life. Even his friends may have no idea how to get in touch with him. He may even shut down without regards to the feelings of his sincere well-wishers.

It can be hurtful when a man just refuses to communicate anything. However, it may be a result of his being unable to communicate what is going on in his mind. In fact, this act and those mentioned above could be signs of having been abused.

2. Lack of Interest


When anyone is facing a lot of emotional stress, they may be unable to deal with the current projects in their life. Men, however, usually adopt this method because they’re not aware of healthier ways to deal with their emotional burden. Hence, you may find them neglecting their job or even their hobbies, which they may have been passionate about at first.

The lack of interest may also pertain to their relationships. In fact, the emotions he is unable to deal with may have roots in the same relationship he’s ignoring now. If his significant other is abusing him or giving him a hard time, he may have no option except to withdraw. He would then also stop putting effort into cultivating the bond. If their better halves want to alleviate these situations, they should have a serious talk with their unresponsive partner. This would enable the man to have a proper vent about what is going wrong in his life.

1. Inability to Move Forward


Many times, men may feel with such intensity that they have a hard time moving on with their lives. For instance, they may feel so depressed after losing someone that they stop striving for that promotion. They may also be uninterested in starting a family with their spouse or be afraid of committing and settling down. All these are warning signs that something is going on below the surface. This is especially true if he was eager and on-board with the ideas above before a disturbing incident or phase.

That being said, not being in control of one’s emotions is obviously no excuse to be a horrible person. However, it may be the only way a man knows how to cope with what’s going on inside. He may hence need more help than rebukes at this point.


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