6 Futuristic Period Products You Never Knew Existed

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Women have been having their period since the dawn of time and life itself. There is nothing new there and similarly there is also nothing new in the period industry either. Sure we have had some breakthrough with moon cups and period panties over the past couple of years but apart from that pads and tampons have been the way to go since like forever.

Although we haven’t seen the perfect period solution just yet, here is to hoping that, that would change soon enough. With technological advancements on the boom scientists and researchers have finally deemed women and their period problems worthy of their precious research time as well. Here are some futuristic period products that we hope will hop in the mainstream period industry soon enough and make our visit with Aunty Flo a tad better.

6.FLEX: the menstrual disc

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A disposable, cervical menstrual disc FLEX makes your periods a little less messy, lasts for up to 12 hours, customizes itself according to each person’s body and is wonderful for mess free period sex. It sits at the base of the cervical opening and leaves the vaginal canal free of any period blood resulting in clean sheets after you and your partner are done with the deed.

To use FLEX, simply sit on the toilet after you have washed your hands. Take the disc out of its wrapper and pinch it in half so it is the size of a tampon. Insert it inside the vaginal canal and push it slowly inside till it reaches the cervix. Lift the other side and push it against the top of the vaginal canal. It will automatically come to rest just behind the pubic bone and create a seal. Any menses will be collected inside FLEX keeping the vaginal canal free of period blood. To remove, sit on the toilet and with a clean finger inserted inside, hook it into the upper edge of FLEX and pull it outside while keeping it horizontal to the floor.

5.Collapsible menstrual cup

Moon cups or menstrual cups were a revolutionary new approach towards dealing with period blood and we loved them when they came out. Now, moon cups have been taken a step further and come in fully collapsible varieties. This makes sense as these are usable and storing it in your purse can be a bit challenging. You can simply collapse the collapsible ones and carry them in a small pouch in your bag without worrying about them taking up too much space. Easy peasy!

4.Tampon which works on Bluetooth

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my.Flow is the world’s first tampon monitor which lets you know that your tampon is full and needs to be changed. One might ask, how can you not know your tampon is full? Why do you need a reminder for that? It is meant for those busy days when you are so occupied with work and chores that you lose track of time. Or you could be traveling and need to time your bathroom breaks according to when the tampon absolutely needs to be changed.

The company aims to obliterate period anxiety in women as well as help avoid TSS risks. The principle is simple enough; you insert the tampon as usual and insert the tail into a monitor which you can clip to your waistband. This sends a signal to an app on your phone indicating when the tampon is full and needs a fresh replacement. To learn more about how this wonderful technology works watch the demo here.

3.NextGen Jane


NextGen Jane is an exciting new startup by Ridhi Tariyal who is a Harvard engineer and is working on a system which would help women track their health through period blood. All they have to do is to mail in a used tampon and get the information that they need to learn. The idea clicked when Tariyal wanted to know her hormonal levels in order to decide upon a fertility window and when to start a family. Her doctor refused her the test saying that there was no question to which she wanted an answer.

Tariyal then reached out to her friends in other cities and they also came upon similar hurdles. So she put her thinking hat on and came up with this interesting, unique startup. Period blood could indicate symptoms of ovarian cancer quite early on as well as help diagnose endometriosis. Clinical trials are available for those who want to volunteer and the product is expected to hit the market soon.

2.Switch off your menstrual cramps with this gadget

Livia gives instant relief against menstrual cramps. It is drug free solution to pain during periods. It make use of a technology that is based on the gate control theory. To use this, you attach two stickers to the areas where you feel the most intense pain. You then switch on Livia which transmits a unique pulse and keeps the nerves from those two spots busy. As a result the pain receptors do not carry the message to the brain as the nerve gate is closed. To learn more about this interesting technology, watch the infomercial by the Livia people.

1.Go with your flow

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Go with your flow is introduced by Animosa which makes gear for women who like to take on adventures. Their Go with your flow variety is a stress and mess free solution to store period products and also get rid of used, menses stained tampons, sanitary pads or wipes. This disposal kit is designed for women who spend a lot of time outdoors, travel a lot or for simply when there is no waste bin around to get rid of your used pad.

Each pack includes:

  • A clutch case which keeps supplies organized and handy
  • A pack of personal wipes for when there is no water
  • Disposable, sealable bags
  • A disposable pouch sealed with a zipper designed to store the sealable bags and keep odor contained.


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