15 Things He Def Told His Ex About You


After you go through a serious breakup most people tend to back away from that person and start a new life. However, there are a few people who tend to remain in contact with their ex and maintain a relationship. Obviously, there is a reason why we start relationships with these people in the first place. There is a connection and you both understand each other on some level, so it’s not always a bad thing. If you know your man is still talking to his ex, here are 15 things he is for sure telling her about you.

15. Your Job.

Your profession is often one of the main things that tends to come up when you join the dating life. This is something that tells others a lot about you especially if it is something that is very interesting or unique. This is why your man will for sure tell his ex about what you do and get her opinion on what she thinks.

14. Your Small Annoying Habits.

Being in a relationship with someone makes your small quirks that much more obvious and your man has probably noticed something that he doesn’t like. If he has mentioned something he doesn’t like to you than realistically he has probably told his ex too. But don’t worry! If she is close to him than she will remind him of all his annoying habits that you have to deal with!

13. If You Still Talk to Your Ex.

He talks to his ex all the time and shares every little detail but when you tell him that you are still in contact with your ex he totally freaks out. This is a pretty common scenario and many men deal with this the same way. Just make sure him freaking out about this and getting jealous doesn’t show any reason for you to be jealous.

12. Bedroom Quirks

We all know men tell their friends all about their bedroom activities, whether its bragging or just plain sharing. However, if he is still close with his ex then most likely he is also telling her. Now we shouldn’t act like us girls don’t share details about our sex life with our friends but there is a difference between talking about it with your ex and your friends. He wants her opinion on what you guys are doing since she has first-hand experience.

11.Something Embarrassing from Your Past

You might accidentally tell your boyfriend that super embarrassing story from years ago and think he won’t tell anyone. But realistically this will be one of the things that will easily slip through when he is talking to his ex. Don’t stress though because if she’s a good friend then she will remind him of his embarrassing stories and will tell him to stop being such a jerk.

10. Your Clingy Personality

Well to be honest you should completely expect this if your one of those clingy, overly-needy girlfriends. I mean put yourself in his shoes! Of course, he will need someone to complain about and blow off some steam and to be completely honest, this might mean you won’t be around for long. So instead of worrying about his ex, work on yourself girl!

9. How You Hate His Fave Movie/ Show

If you didn’t absolutely love Breaking Bad like he thought you would, just already know that he is going to freak out about it to his ex. Or if you didn’t like the new movie he’s obsessed with, well that news is gonna go straight to his ex. It’s no biggie! It’s just because he doesn’t even understand how he can build any sort of relationship with someone who doesn’t even like Breaking Bad and just needs someone to remind him of all the things he loves about you!

8. How Smart You Are

His ex has heard all about how smart you are and how you won that last award at your job or even all about the college you graduated from. Of course he has bragging rights when he’s dating such an awesome girl However, this doesn’t always have to be about bragging because he will even tell his ex if he thinks you’re an airhead who doesn’t know anything. Just remember he needs someone to vent to!

7. Your Political Views

Whether we admit to it or not, the last election has greatly affected the dating game. So much so that a Conservative Trump supporter admitted in an article that he has struggled finding girls after voting for Trump in the last election. So don’t even bother questioning whether he has told his ex, because there is no doubt that he has!

6. If You’re Too Independent

This is something that might even make your ex happy and it should, because finally your man has found someone who will stand up to him. In fact, this should be something that even you’re proud of. If his ex is smart at all, then she will let him know that you are too good for him if he can’t be proud of you for being a strong, independent woman.

5. If You Have a Liquor Problem

We all know that men just need something to complain about. This is why he probably told his ex all about the time when you got completely wasted and started blabbing all your secrets! But don’t let this get to you because men are never happy with what they have. Either you can’t control your liquor or you are complete bore. Forget him and do you!

4. Your Kindness

Of course, he can be so negative and it drives you crazy but this is a good one! He might never let you know, but he realizes that you have the sweetest soul and he’s totally bragging about you! And if his ex is anything like you, then she is very happy that he found someone as amazing as you.

3. How You are a Sports Fanatic

There is nothing guys love more than women and sports so if you are a woman who loves sports, then you are man’s dream come true. This means he is completely bragging about you to ex to make her realize that he found the perfect girl. Be proud!

2. Your Athleticism

This could be taken in a few ways. Maybe he loves that you are so anal about your daily runs but it could also be pissing him off that you don’t spend that much attention on him. Don’t change yourself though, his ex will tell him to love you for who you are!

1. Your Religious Standing

If you are both religious or even if you are both not religious at all, then this will not be a big deal. However, if your religious standing is different from his than he will for sure tell his ex about it. His ex will definitely open his eyes to all the benefits of having contradicting religious views since it shows you a completely different side.


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