15 Reasons Having a Baby in Your Early 20s Is a Mistake

 Nearly all of us are hoping to have a great family, and we all wish to be the best parents ever. Some want to outdo ways of their parents. Giving your child the best thing the world can ever offer to kids. Having this fantasies is normal because people ought to have fun in life. Enjoy what is within reach and look for what you want. Ironically, life is more demanding than the dreams of self. Once couples marry, then the girl gets pregnant and start to raise children is when there are some impacts begins to be felt. Many girls who dreamt of being good mothers end up not being one. Modern woman versus tradition women are contrasted here, and the latter is not much prepared to be a young mom. As a result, both the kid and the mother end up suffering. So, for ladies who are not enlightened, beware of the following reasons lest you are in for a rude shock.


15. You might not be the “really nice mom.”

It is not that all the mothers out there are doing poorly. But, hey you have to follow some advice from the experienced. Although this is supposed to be selective to squeeze the best of them, be outgoing. Of course, there are so many mothers who enjoy every bit of being a mother. The pregnancy at an early age especially at your 20s is challenging. Being a mother calls for a lot of other aspects. Being a great wife and building a lasting relationship with husband. The society also has to benefit from your best practices. It is, therefore, wise to come to terms with the village before going for this. Motherhood is comprised of balance and flexibility within the self.

14. No difference between you and the baby

You are still young to take care of your baby. You hardly comprehend life’s toughest moments that might come your way. There are so much more in store for you other than constraining yourself to indoors. It is up to you to scrutinize and get the best. Being a baby can be fun because everything is taken care of. You don’t engage yourself in many responsibilities apart from school life. You are still in the position of doing crap and even survive because no one is waiting for your support to survive. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their early age doing all the things teens enjoy. Being a mother at the very beginning stage is like you cut out the period of enjoyment. This can be a haunting event that will take to the grave. You need to get at least to plan. It is pretty apparent that there is little or no saving for the family.

13. Tricks are played on you by your own heart

Motherhood is like getting into a river that has no way of swimming out again. Most youths have the notion that if they are posed with whatever challenge, they can still manage to tackle them no matter what. It is evident that there might be some bravery that changes with the chances available in real life. As a mother, you will be forced to be handling the responsibilities as much as possible to make a better mom. But this I tell you is not always the case with many teens.

12. It is still your time to enjoy.

Often they think there is always an option for this but to their surprise, it isn’t. Once a mother, you have to take care of the baby until he/she grows to be independent. This is achieved when the child gets to 16. I’m sure will be almost 40 whereby you will have no other way to reverse the situation further. When you have a baby at this stage, you suffer the consequences. The stage you are full of fun and colleagues will not hesitate to enjoy.

11. The father to your baby may not be mature to take up responsibility.

At this age, you will experience premature judgments from the baby’s father. This is because he has not reached an age of making strong decisions like a mature man. No matter how handsome he is, he is still a baby in his brain. Therefore decision making will be a big challenge in your life young girl.

10. Party, rave and have a blast

Just after school, your body will be aligned to partying. This makes it hard for you to concentrate much on your child’s development. A more significant risk might even be that the child will grow up to catch up with the bad partying habits as young as five. It is at the 20s that we are so aggressive; we feel like engaging in more activities to explore the world. Every sort of fun, party going and crushing is a compositing in this stage.

9. You only live once so enjoy

Don’t you want us to have fun? Join the group as having the baby will refrain you from the enjoyment. Breaking the ties with the fun also cuts the social relationship with your peers. You might develop stress if you were used to due to the focus based on the baby. On the other hand, you will start living on hope, and regrets. Thinking of when you will have finished with this so that you join the rest.

8. You have better opportunities waiting for you

As a growing youth, many opportunities are still on the wait at this stage. Remember that you’ve been in school the rest of your life before this time. You need to scrutinize the possible chances at this stage other than concentrate on having a child. Most of the youths change their lives at this stage as the chances captured are well implemented here than later because of the power and aggressiveness. You most certainly not yet have uncovered the possibilities at this place. Allow yourself to have opportunities that pertain risks. There will be no much harm in trying without any success as you will still have the chance always to try. If you get the baby, you will have to develop a mechanism to sustain your life together with that of the baby.

7. You still do not have an idea on how to be better.

Let the truth be told, at this particular age stubbornness is still in you. Young girl, you are not in a position to look after your child well. You will be getting it awkward when you are disturbed by noise from crying baby. So you are not able to be a mother still.

6. You are at stage of self-realization

When you get a baby, be sure of spending much time taking care of them. Babies are demanding much attention from parents than addictive FIFA game could do. Here it is mandatory to attend the child not any time but at the needed times. Hey girl, don’t think that that brain is telling you the truth always. Sometimes get out of it playing you any kinds of tricks. You need to make sober judgments and come up with lasting solutions. How, why, what, who and where are the questions you should have in your mind. Be a rationale lady.

5. Your mind is misleading you.

At the age of 20s, you are tempted to do something uncommon, what no other lady has done. For instance tempting to have a baby, this is not wise because your mind may be telling it is time but in the real world, you are still not up to the task. Giving birth is not a big deal looking after the child is what matters and you are probably too naïve to see this.

4. Chances are you will be occupied 24/7.

Giving birth is adding a new responsibility in life. Your baby will cry at any time, and you will have to pay attention to it even if there is nothing to give attention to. This will, in turn, mean that you do not have time for friends, leisure or just an enjoyment. At this moment your age mates will be too far away from you just because they fear being disturbed by cries from young one.


3. The low rate of success on no success at all.

Being successful may mean different to different people. If it about making money then at the age of 20s is the best. However, if you decide to give birth at this juncture, then it is impossible to make money because all time is diverted to the baby. On the other hand, if being successful to you means giving birth at an early stage then think twice that is not a success.

2. You will have to deal with depression at an early stage.

Look, girl, if your mum was mature enough to give to you, but she still experienced depression, what about you at the 20s? Your depression can be pathetic because it will have a challenge on you, your baby and the man you are calling your husband. Are you ready for this? If not then do not attempt to have a baby at this juncture.

1. You must be faced with a lot of responsibilities

Motherhood is tricky in that, there are clothes to wash each time, the child will want food almost every time, and then balance with the struggle to survive with tough life at that time. One has the liberty to choose between what pleases you in this. Life is all about choices, and no one will ever know what best suits you apart from your inner self.

In conclusion, do not accept stressful responsibilities at early stage like 20s. Dear girl! Build your future before having an offspring.


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