15 of the Funniest Fails We’ve Ever Seen

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There are many horrible aspects to our society today but selfies might just be the worst out of all of them. When did it become okay to be so vain that posting 10 pictures of our face in different poses became acceptable? When did we decide that our worth lies in the amount of likes and comments we get? It is all just very sad and says a lot about our society today.

Well there is actually no point in complaining about the selfie because they are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it will only get that much more common so instead of worrying why not have some fun with it? We have compiled 15 of the craziest selfies that teenagers have posted. Let’s check them out!

15. Uh-oh

There is no way that this didn’t hurt especially since we aren’t eve sure how this teenage boy managed to take this selfie. He literally put his head in the sink with his body in a super awkward upside-down position.

But of course teenage boys are probably the weirdest creatures and who knows what goes through their head. We just hope that people didn’t like this picture and were actually concerned for this young man’s safety.

14. Bathroom Activities

Bathroom selfies are probably the worst kind of selfies. What we do in the bathroom should not be recorded but obviously this young man doesn’t agree. There are actually many things we don’t quite understand in this picture. The clothes, the foot in the sink or the Hannah Montana clock are all quite mysterious. Not only is this picture weird but it is also a call of help for this troubled guy.

13. Is that What We Think It Is?

Bathroom selfies prove to be the worst mistake once again bit this time there is something even worse about this picture. Sadly, this girl thought it was okay to take a picture of herself while a kid is literally laying across the sink.

Who knows what the kid is trying to do but what we want to know is what the girl did once she realized what was actually going on. Also, why did she think it was okay to post this troubling selfie. Either way, it is quite a strange picture.

12. Daddy/Daughter Bonding

Hopefully that is her dad or it would be even more awkward. But even if it is her dad, it is not acceptable to take a picture while your dad is laying on the bed shirtless. It’s actually weird AF. Nobody ever wants to see this but sadly now we have this picture to see forever.

11. Foot Action

There are so many ways to selfies so why would you ever take a selfie with your feet? There could never be a good enough explanation behind this and we will never understand the motive. All we can say is this should have never have been taken in the first place.

10. Scary

Spiders are scary to us all but maybe it is not a good idea to take selfie of you and your best friend freaking out when you see a spider in the bed. Wouldn’t it be better to just get off the bed and get rid of the spider? Maybe that’s way too logical.

9. The All Time Fail

Out of all the worst time to take selfies, taking a selfie while your friend is visibly sitting on the toilet is hands down the worst idea of them all. This is actually so gross and its mind-blowing that someone would post this. This is just too TMI for us.

8. Chilling with Grandma

Trying to be cool is something we all struggle with but this grandma just took to a whole different level. We would understand if they were just posing, but nope not this granny.

This picture though, is just making an all together uncomfortable situation. Maybe it’s the way the girl has her leg up, or maybe it’s her expression that just makes it so odd. Let’s just forget all about this picture all together.

7. Not The Right Time

If we just look at the girl herself, this is actually a nice picture but when you look at the picture as a whole, it is quite odd. Unfortunately, this girl does not realize that this is not the right time for taking pictures of herself. She doesn’t want to take time to take for the person’s loss but would rather pose next to them.

6. Totally Twins

We all get to a point where we start looking just like our best friends but these girls are taking it to a whole different level. Whether it’s the hair, the bad tan or the horrible makeup, these girls are “totes twinning.”

5. iPad Selfie

There are quite a few things that are standing out in this picture. One, she is taking the picture with an iPad, not an iPhone or even a iPod, but an iPad. Not that, that isn’t strange enough, she is also posing so that all you can really notice in the picture is her cleavage. Plus, to put it all together, she also is wearing a lot of makeup. Maybe it would be better to go for a more simple approach.

4. Toilet Picture

There is a reason why using the toilet is such a personal experience, it is because it is actually quite awkward for others to see. Unfortunately, this has apparently become a trend and is maybe even normal.

Why not just wait until she’s done? I guess we aren’t just cool enough to keep up with all these new trends. In our minds this could be an otherwise normal picture but these girls just ruined it with adding the toilet.

3. ‘Natural’ Makeup

Of course, all teenage girls love makeup, it is just an accepted truth. But the problem with this picture is that she claims that this horribly done makeup is actually a “natural look.” Didn’t anyone stop her and ask her why she messed up her face like that? Hopefully, she will learn with time.

2. Is That A Kid?

We just do not understand why there is a kid is in this picture at all even though it is actually pretty hilarious. It seems like he’s thinking “Why am I even here?” Doesn’t this girl understand that she’s taking a picture in her pink bikini and the poor kid is being forced to be involved.

1. Girl Gone Wild

Well this is just uncomfortable. These girls are obviously way too young for this picture and specifically this pose. They are trying to be hot and sexy and think this is how they will seem more grown up.

What they don’t realize is that this actually makes a very awkward picture and is actually quite troubling.


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