14 Wikipedia Pages That Are Guaranteed to Creep You Out


Unbelievable stories or people have a way of grabbing one’s attention, it might not be true, and everything that comes across your ears might just be a hoax, but that never stops some from venturing onto the root of that story, others prefer just to ignore and stay away. These are exactly the kind of stories that are sure to leave you speechless. We suggest everyone who is about to read this, to find a safe and comforting place, a place where nothing can scare you. This post has many horrifying and creepy events, people or creatures created through myths, which have taken hold of Wikipedia pages. We would suggest holding onto your heart, as these are not for the faint-hearted.

1. Love thy Neighbour:

How many times while growing up had you heard this line ‘love thy Neighbor as thyself,’ to make you care and respect not only the people living next to you but also the people you come across on an everyday basis? The story of Joyce Vincent is surely going to make you not only follow that saying but also pay particular attention to it. In 2006, this British woman was found dead inside her apartment, now even though this might be bizarre, it was not something unexpected. However, the horrifying part of this entire ordeal was that she had been dead for three years prior.

No one knew, and no one had even bothered to check up on this poor woman whose death remained unnoticed for three years. There was no flesh or muscle on her body; instead, her bones were quite visible. Moreover, the Wikipedia page about Joyce Vincent’s death has stated that she was laying close to Christmas gifts she had wrapped but never had the opportunity to give it to someone, her television and electricity was still switched on.

Thus, it would be incredibly wise and helpful if everyone would keep an eye out for people surrounding them. If someone had only checked up on Joyce three years earlier, things would have been different, and she could have been saved.

2. The flying monster

On September 12, 1952, in Braxton County, West Virginia, three boys were able to witness something that is beyond our imagination. What they witnessed not only shocked them to the very core but that encounter leads to serious consequences. Those three boys were able to see an unidentified flying object crash into the Flatwoods. However, when they went ahead and encountered the wreck, a 7-foot tall beastly being with glowing eyes, mist surrounding it and undoubtedly hissing was awaiting them.

It was not what the boys were expecting, though none of us expects such a thing. However, the shock and danger did not end there. After the incident, the boys started feeling extremely sick, experiencing convulsions, vomiting, and swelling of the nose and throat. The only possible explanation that was given for these symptoms was the mist released by the flying monster that had created a sense of dread in them.

The Wikipedia page tells the entire story but also gives practical explanations for their sickness, which could be hysteria, a typical behavior exhibited by people who experience something traumatic. Whether you believe the story or not, you cannot deny the chills, it leaves you with.

3. Myth or Reality?

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If anyone of you reading is fans of supernatural, the thrilling fictional show comprising of monstrous creatures, demons, and monsters that could only exist in myths, you will remember a Wendigo. A wendigo is described as a creature that turns into its beastly form at night, suggesting that it could be a human before turning into a full blown monster. The Wikipedia page informs us of the possibility of a Wendigo being in the woods, forests or anywhere near a dark and eerie place, disrupting every plan of hiking, camping or just exploration in general.

These creatures have been part of many Native American and Algonquian folklore and legends, which suggests that many believed them to exist for a long time and are still meant to perturb anyone who learns of the possibility of its existence. The Wendigo is well known for its cruel streak and cannibalism, associated with greed in many indigenous tribes. As a result, the Wikipedia page makes us aware of the ‘Wendigo psychosis’ which is a modern term used to describe a syndrome that makes you crave human flesh or can be defined as a fear of being a cannibal.

In short, it is uncertain if the myth of the Wendigo is true or not or if it even existed, but it did give rise to the term of Wendigo psychosis. As a result, psychologists can decipher if a person shows symptoms of being a cannibal and name their condition according to the end the myth had provided.

4. A Sister’s Sacrifice

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Being a twin seems so interesting and unique, having an unbreakable bond with someone who vows to be there for you through thick and thin, is such an overwhelming experience. Many might agree, and some might disagree, regardless no one can deny the strength of their connection and bond. However, what happens when this bond exceeds the reasonable expectations of love and devotion, bordering on insanity and absurdity. This Wikipedia page is sure to shock you and leave you speechless. June and Jennifer Gibbons were twins from Wales, which was mute as long as they lived, yes you heard me, there was no accident or traumatic incident that triggered their silence but it was their own decision to do so. T

hey did converse, but only with each other and even then, they had created their language that could not be understood by anyone. Their dedication and love for each other were something that was never seen by anyone; it reached to the point where one of them, Jennifer decided to sacrifice herself for the other to live a normal life. She died at the age of 30, but the reasons are still debated upon, no drugs or medical conditions were associated with her. How then could her death have occurred?

Only one answer could be seen here; she must have killed herself to liberate her sister, who stated that she indeed felt alive and free. She was grateful for the sacrifice made by her sister. Both were writers turned criminals who were spurned by children growing up and had experienced bullying at a young age, further intensifying their bond to rely on each other. The Wikipedia page mentions individual games and movies that depicted these mysterious twins brilliantly.

5. Pictures of the dead

One of the most revolting pages on Wikipedia is of the post- mortem photography. I’m sure that just by the name you were able to detect what I am referring to and it might not sound as weird as you might think because pictures of people on their death beds were customary but this is entirely different from that. During the Victorian times, in the nineteenth century, with the invention of the daguerreotype, it became easy and necessary for pictures to be taken of people who had recently died.

These bodies of the dead were cleaned and washed, dressed and were made to pose for the photograph to be taken, who would even think of doing that in this century? (It is definitely something that will horrify anyone). Sometimes relatives and loved ones were more than ready to have their picture taken with the body, yes with the corpse; it was another way to stay close to the people they had lost.

However, in that time, post mortem photography had become extremely common and the only picture a person could ever afford. The Wikipedia page marks this as a culture associated with Americans and the Europeans of that time, though many others followed it as well.

6. Small town Sightings

Every small town has its secrets right? Whether it maybe an incident or the people themselves, it always has something to hide. During the span of a year, from November 1966 to December 1967, many people in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, witnessed a mysterious creature resembling a human with a large wingspan and red eyes, with the body entirely black. That year was not a pleasant one for Point Pleasant.

Many believed it to be untrue, given the fact that it was such an absurd story but people till this day confess to having seen the creature and consider its existence to be real as mentioned on the Wikipedia page. Their misery was put to an end when the silver bridge collapsed and ended the lives of 46 people. The Wikipedia page is sure to remind everyone of what went down in that town years ago, depicting a picture of a statue of the Mothman in point pleasant and also informing us about festivals that take place in that particular city dedicated to the event that shook everyone.

7. Where did all the people go?

In this list of harrowing pages seen on Wikipedia, people who have mysteriously disappeared without any trace or reason, have to pique your curiosity and attention. The list doesn’t only include people from this century or even a list that comprises of only a few years of this century but the list starts from the very beginning, 1st century to be exact! Ending at the present years. Once you start reading, you either would want to keep on reading it drowning in an endless pit or would probably want to end the paranoia and fear creeping in and stop, thinking that the random disappearances might just occur around you.

The list keeps on becoming uncanny as you keep on reading it. It includes names, dates, places and even reasons of their disappearances. Some have been kidnapped and never found, others have just vanished into thin air without any clue as to where they had gone, UFOS presumably took some or creatures that have been reported by people and some have been lost at war. Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly an airplane, disappeared over the Central Pacific along with her navigator, Fred Noonan, when they tried to circumnavigate a flight of the globe. She would have been successful and declared a pioneer for many if only something wouldn’t have gone wrong. Moreover, an entire colony of North Carolina was said to have vanished in 1580, imagine that, a group of people that was certainly hard to have gone unnoticed disappeared without any reason. These incidents make people wary of their surroundings and the people they meet. Who knows this might be anyone of us next, so be aware of anything remotely suspicious!

8. Beware of the black eyes

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These appearances have been said to make people lose all sense of thought and feeling. Many people have reported having seen pre-teens and younger children knocking on doors at night and insisting on entering someone’s home, wanting to use a phone or the bathroom. Now in any other situation, the Good Samaritan in us will emerge, and we would try to help even though children seen at night are still quite unsettling. But these kids that were witnessed by many in the mid to late 90s aren’t just children, but when you look closer, you become aware of the dark black eyes.

Thus, they were named black eyed children, and not many were willing to help as victims felt trapped and terrorized by their presence, and were able to post stories online of their encounter. These stories went viral, and the urban legend of black-eyed children emerged. They exhibit an unusually calm persona and are quite unnerving, almost as if looking into our souls. Sends a shiver down your back, doesn’t it? It is nothing compared to the details on the Wikipedia page of the’ black eyed children,’ something that is sure to scare you.

9. Dead and Pregnant

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These phenomena circulating Wikipedia are growing more disturbing and gruesome by the second. Coffin birth, medically known as postmortem fetal extrusion is a condition when the gases inside a dead pregnant woman cause the fetus inside to be evicted out of the body, resulting in a child being born after a mother is dead. Isn’t shocking it? The page states that this was seen mostly in the 1600s to the 1800s where technology and developments in medicine were quite far-fetched phenomena.

Coffin birth is rare even if it occurs to this day, and it would only be due to peculiar circumstances. You can find out more about this condition to gain an educated point of view from the Wikipedia page dedicated to this coffin birth. Embalming and body preservation during these times have helped save many lives, has made childbirth easy, and has eradicated the disturbing picture of a child being born after the death of the mother. Even so, no one particularly knows what happens inside a coffin; one can only hope no childbirth occurs when the mother is buried six feet under.

10. Shadows lurking in the dark

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The Wikipedia page discussing the shadow person is sure to make you crawl under your bed and never leave your room. I am certain many of us have experienced the undeniable feeling of being watched and seeing a shadow behind us from the corner of our eye, only to see nothing when we turn around. Aren’t shadows supposed to be appearing during the day? But these happen to look at night, terrorizing us at that moment. We ignore this feeling as being paranoid, but the page assures us ( or scares us depends on how you are taking this) by letting us know about the shadow people.

It states that while many believe these shadow people to be occurrences of aliens, ghosts or demons, many give a practical and psychological explanation quashing all theories of the supernatural. This weird phenomenon lurking behind us is quite unsettling, and the Wikipedia page provides answers, many take them as they would like to. Some have even made these occurrences into movies and documentaries, further intensifying this phenomenon of the shadow person.

11. The killer in the Hotel

If someone had informed those people were staying at the Castle, a hotel in Chicago in 1889, of what awaited them when they entered and agreed remain in that hotel; many lives could have been saved. The page on Wikipedia, named H.H.Holmes also known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes could be described as the first reported modern serial killer, he built a hotel in Chicago, not to earn money or to help people but to kill as many as he was well pleased. Nobody knew off course, he kept it that way, designing the hotel in a way that all the hidden passage ways and secret rooms were hidden from the public eye. Guests at the hotel became victims of asphyxiation, and then kept in his secret places where they were killed, their bodies dissected or sold to medical schools.

A horrifying incident shook the people of Chicago. He was arrested, put on a death trial and also confessed to 20 murders. The man and the hotel gained immense prominence; the hotel has since been known as the murder castle, and many shows, films, and books have been inspired to make this disturbing incident a part of their work. The Wikipedia page not only acquaints us to the picture of the man in question but also every detail associated with his killings and the immense notoriety that followed.

12. The unknown language

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In 1912, a Polish book dealer was able to purchase a manuscript, whose writing system has never been deciphered by anyone. The language and the text are something that has never been seen or read by any person in this world. A world filled with such culture, history, and language and yet no one knows what exactly is written in that manuscript. The Wikipedia page dedicated to this ominous incident is known as the Voynich manuscript, named after Wilfrid Voynich, who was the Polish book dealer that had found this book.

The text might have been indecipherable, but it has been dated back to the 15th century northern Italy, making the text characteristically European. The visible images and illustrations have indicated that the book consists of information about plants, animals, and people. Even though many over the centuries have seen progress, and discoveries have been made, one can never be sure of the possibility of the things we don’t know.

Maybe the manuscript has something the world has never known; the realization might leave you in quite a curious yet unsettling predicament. Many cryptographers, mostly the American and British code breakers of the two world wars, have tried to manipulate the text according to how they see it, trying to break down every possible code linked to it but no avail. Some even deem it a hoax.

13. Innocent child or a murderous maniac?

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You have probably read many incidents where children are the victims of frightening murders committed by an adult, and thus it becomes easy to hate the criminal in question. But what if I told you that a Wikipedia page is known as ‘Mary Bell’ is written about an 11-year-old girl who murdered not one but two innocent boys. It’s hard to believe when a child is a murderer behind bars. Mary Bell was herself a victim of abuse by her mother who was a prostitute and her mother’s clients, which might have affected her mentally leading her to commit two murders.

It was 1968 when that happened, and she was arrested immediately, was convicted of manslaughter and imprisoned for 12 years. If she had not been a minor, her fate would have been different but alas, she was only a little girl, both those little boys and her predicament had to be taken into consideration. The brutal way the murders had been committed showed just how much she was mentally affected by what had happened to her and that she needed grave and immediate help. She was released in 1980 and since then has kept a low profile, wanting anonymity for not only herself but her daughter as well, who was born four years after her release. Books have been published regarding her story and have given rise to controversial debates.

These incidents leave you speechless, wondering who deserves more pity, the child who was subjected to immense pain and torture that she had to resort to inflicting it upon other innocent children, or the innocent and silent boys that did nothing wrong and suffered the consequences. We can only hope events like these could be prevented and children get help soon.

14. The Psychic Feline

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Have you ever seen Or spoken to a psychic? or have you ever been to a circus and experienced the excitement and fear that comes when someone tries to decipher your future by looking at your palm? What was the result, good or bad? I hope that it was good because this creature who claims to know the future should not be close to anyone who values their lives. Oscar, the therapy cat, is the Wikipedia page that makes us aware of this mysterious feline that predicts the deaths of terminally ill patients in a nursing home in Rhode Island.

He makes rounds of the patient rooms, and if he cuddles up to any one in a room, their death is imminent within the few hours of his arrival, who knew that a cat curling up to someone could be a fatal sign for them. The accuracy of his work prompted the staff to make the families of patients aware of this predicament. Anyone could be subjected to this if Oscar curled up next to them.

Despite the fact that it had to act as a therapy cat, Oscar never seemed to be as amiable as he should have been and instead of helping patients, he predicted their deaths. He may have smelled the odor of chemicals emitted by a patient when he or she is about to die, but it could also be the fact that he is just a psychic. Do you agree?

15. Creepy Yet Informative

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All of these events, incidents or phenomena might have been difficult to digest, but I am sure you feel more educated and enlightened. Information such as these has a way of opening our minds to various possibilities and makes us aware of the tragedies and mysteries of this world.

You just might know more details and facts about these people than any member of your family might or friend might. Wikipedia is a means through which you can educate yourself even more. Here’s to being horrified but also gaining the experience of learning something no matter how gruesome it might have been.


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