8 Habits That Make a Relationship Strong


When we see couples that just click together, we may envy them. We may even think that they’re so lucky to have found each other and how easy it must be for them. However, a swan can only glide smoothly by furiously working its feet underwater. Strong relationships take a lot of work to get to where they are, just like any other form of success.

In order to get the same thing, you can try out a few of the habits discussed below. Keep in mind that every relationship is different, so every habit may not work out for you. It’s a case of trial, error, and whether you two were meant to be together:

12. Checking Up


It’s not hard to get in touch with each other these days. If you can’t always call or meet in person, leave a message. Be sure to ask them about their day and especially ask after their health if they’ve been feeling poorly.

All it needs is one message asking your loved one if he or she made it safely home. This little act costs one nothing and can send a warm fuzzy feeling to the other person. The result is a better connection and a feeling of being truly loved.

11. Couple Chuckling


Even if you both are serious-minded people, having a laugh with each other can greatly strengthen your bond. This is something actually proven on a scientific level. Laughter releases a series of endorphins in the brain. This gives you a feeling of happiness, and the situation of that happiness would be forever connected with that feeling.

Hence, when you and your partner laugh together, you would both get happier and happier when you meet again. If you run out of funny things one day, you can always relive your previous laugh-worthy moments!

10. Being Vulnerable


Open yourself up to the other person instead of trying to be perfect in front of them. Of course, you should be absolutely sure that they are worthy of being trusted with your secrets. You may also tell them about your innermost feelings, emotions, and fears.

If you feel that your significant other is not capable of holding your inner self sacred, reconsider everything. Do you even want to be with this person if you fear their taunts?

If you’re not absolutely sure about someone, try testing them with little secret and confessions first. If they keep mum and show their support, they’re worthy of more!

9. Listen Up


Along with revealing information about yourself, be sure to listen attentively when they open up. Don’t keep interrupting with your own input or some story that could top theirs. This is not a competition, but an exercise in getting to know one another.

In being a good listener, you show the other person how much they can rely on you. If you can’t help them out physically, be staunch in your moral support. Even if you don’t agree with them, never break their trust by making fun of them or revealing their secrets. Listening and staying trustworthy would go a long way in building up and strengthening your connection.

8. No White or Black Lies


All too often, we tend to lie in order to keep the peace or cover our mistakes. However, straight-up honesty is usually the best deal for any couple. Being honest about your innermost emotions as well as your actions would be highly appreciated by your partner.

If both partners know that they are both honest, they would be highly comfortable with each other. No second-guessing, little misunderstanding and positivity would give them the strength to get through life—together.

7. Spontaneity


Planning is commendable, but spontaneous action is a whole lot of fun! Change it up in little ways, like canceling dinner pans to have fun at a carnival. You can also just throw caution to the winds and go on a road trip without planning months in advance. Simply throw a few necessities in your bag and see where your adventurous spirit leads you.

Routine is safe, but jazzing things up a little is good for your relationship. It serves to provide a bit of perspective, interest, and change that could keep one going for a long time.

6. Note Everything


Make it a habit of noticing what your partner likes or doesn’t like. If he or she would love a well-made cup of coffee in the morning, make it for them. It may require a little extra effort, but it would show them how much you care.

The same goes for something that the other person doesn’t like. For instance, they may stay silent but look upset when you gossip and backbite with your friends. For the sake of becoming a better person for them, you may want to change that habit.

Remember, though, one shouldn’t change themselves completely to reflect another person’s thoughts. However, simple thoughtful actions and limits could go a long way in expressing how you feel about them.

5. Teasing a Little


When you know the other person very well, you’re allowed to tease them a bit. If one of you is feeling down, the other could give them a nudge through this practice. Of course, this also means staying within limits.

For instance, you may lightly tease them about still having their childhood stuffed bear. It should not, however, go to the extent of calling them childish and immature. Keep it light-hearted and kind, and the teasing could help to strengthen your bond.

4. Respect Above All


This brings us to the subject of respect. Always show a certain level of courtesy to your partner. Don’t interrupt or ignore them in public or private. Even if you don’t agree, vow never to get personal when arguing.

Keeping your arguments logical and rational is a huge part of respecting someone. Don’t base your disagreement on their upbringing or their race, for instance. That would surely be a recipe for disaster.

3. Start Walking!


Walking is an amazingly healthy habit and an immensely bonding one too. Many couples have reported an increase in their communication when they regularly took a walk together. Work out a good time according to both your schedules and try not to give up on this habit! It’s not only good for keeping your body fit and trim, but also for making sure your relationship is well-grounded.

When you walk, you’re more likely to talk and discuss things. The fresh air stimulates your brain and makes for intelligent conversation. You may even be able to get a bit of problem-solving in at that time!

2. Putting Down the Devices


Putting down the smartphones and turning off the smart TV is a smart move for your relationship. Of course, we all need social media at some point, otherwise, we’d evaporate. However, doing away with the screens after a set time can be an amazing way to simply focus on yourselves.

1. Praise Them to Others


When you praise someone else, your brain starts attracting you to that person all the more. This phenomenon grows stronger when you discuss that person with your close friends and family. Hence, you are more likely to find even more positive attributes in the person you love.

On the other hand, strong relationships cannot be built on negative remarks. No matter what the other person has done, try not to complain about them to a third party. No, not even your mother or best buddy. Later on, you may forgive them, but those closest to you may remind you of what went wrong before. Needless to say, this could spell relationship suicide.

If you do follow all these habits, you may see a stronger relationship blossoming. However, this takes the efforts of both parties. If your significant other doesn’t cooperate, it may be time to give them some space or move on.


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