11 Guidelines for Handling Emergency Situations Quickly and Effectively


Emergency situations can occur anytime or anywhere. The important part is that one must be trained enough in order to provide basic relief in case of such issues arises. Basic remedies which are also easier to remember can prove to be quite helpful if there is some emergency, and this probably can make a difference between life and death at times. It is equally important to stay calm and composed in such situations so that the matter can be tactfully dealt with rather than panicking which can make matters worse.



If you are stuck at a place where fire has erupted it is necessary to cover your mouth with any available piece of clothing and stay near the ground. Also, try to find the fire exit as soon as possible. Do not ever use water to put off the fire in electrical equipment and also it is safe to exit the building as soon as possible. Rather than trying to open the windows and letting air enter the building. Such measure might lead to an aggravated situation rather than solving it.



It might just happen anywhere but it can have severe consequences. The most important remedy is not to talk to that person or offer any kind of drink if it happens. Rather it is advisable to flatten out the belly area and work it upwards towards the esophagus with the help of the fist in quick wave. Also, the person must use the back of a chair and lean against it so that the abdomen area can be pressed.



While nose bleeding usually occurs from the front of the nose and through one nostril. But there is a chance that the blood may drain back and reach the throat. One must be aware if there is blood is draining from both sides of the nostrils. In case if it occurs, one must tilt the head forward. This will prevent the blood from reaching in to the throat because swallowing blood can lead to stomach upset or instant vomiting which can make the situation worst. Also, it is better to pinch your nose lightly with the help of thumb and forefinger. Then applying ice or icepack to the nose and the cheek area can help the bleeding to stop. If this is done for straight 10 minutes the nose will stop bleeding. Remember not to blow the nose afterwards or insert anything inside the nose.



When the temperature rises and there is severe heat dehydration often occurs. It often makes one feel down and unable to walk or might also lead to severe headaches as well as nausea. The situation can only be controlled by drinking enough water in order to restore the water content of the body. Also stopping any activity and lying down at a cool place away from the sunlight will help the body to relax and gain composure.

Mixing salt and sugar one teaspoon and two teaspoons respectively, in the water can give comfort within minutes or drinking orange juice solution made up of water, salt and baking soda one teaspoon.



Ii is a situation where there is a significant drop in the body temperatures due to constant exposure to cold temperatures or in winters. In that case it is important to remove any wet clothing the person is wearing such as socks, hats and gloves. Also, you must never ever put the person in warm water. Covering the person with blankets and warm clothes will also help to ease the shivering. The surroundings should also be warm for the affected person. Giving warm liquids and monitoring temperature can be of great help too. But if the person has become unconscious it is important to take medical help.



In case of lightning one must never go near the water, go near the power lines or use phone. Rather one must find tall trees in order to take shelter under those, but the trees must be close to each other rather than distant ones. It is also important to keep your body in a crouch position to avoid every possible strike from hurting you.



In case of mild burning it is important to take off all form of jewelry, loosen tight clothing, or anything which is in way of the burn so that swelling does not occur. Then put the affected area under normal cool water supply or submerge the area in water until it stops paining.

Covering it with a bandage or clean cloth will also help. If the case is of acidic or alkaline burning it is advisable to wash it with a solution of water and baking soda or soap in order to neutralize the burn. After that it can be covered with a loose bandage.

Never use oil, ice, cotton pads or iodine on the affected area. For severe and extensive burn, one should rush to the hospital or call the ambulance immediately.



Getting hurt by sharper objects might be dangerous and requires immediate attention like seeking medical aid as quickly as possible. An important point to remember is never try to remove the object by any means as it can cause severe situation.



If you notice a fainted person or if someone around you starts to faint it is important that someone stays close to the affected person while anyone from the crowd calls emergency or seeks medical assistance. Instead of just gathering around the person or trying to bring him back to consciousness one must arrange for some medical aid.



There are ways to predict if someone is having a heart attack or if you yourself is experiencing one but these are not definitive. Every heart attack symptoms varies from person to person. There might be nausea, cold sweats or fatigue, chest pain or inability to breathe. But it is important to call the ambulance right away of this sort of situation occurs.

Till the ambulance arrives the person can chew a bit of aspirin or give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to the person of you are trained in doing so. Also, it is important for those who are taking care of the heart patients the medical history, doctor the patient is seeing as well as the medicine they are taking at present.

The medical file should also be kept at an easily accessible place and known to those who are around in order to deal with the panic situations and giving timely treatment to the person.



In case of a major accident like hit and run sort of it is important to call the ambulance right away or seek medical assistance. Also, it is important to take down the vehicle numbers or any other details of the affected person in order to notify the family or any other relative.

In case if the accident is minor but there is a risk of fracture or anything then it is advisable to carry the person and shift him to a safe place if the accident happened in the middle of the road and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.


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