10 Simple Life Hacks to Help You Look Great Every Single Day

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Life hacks have gained popularity over time and most of them deal with a lot of first world problems like how to properly dunk an Oreo cookie in milk or how to hang a shirt up properly. While many may scoff, the truth is, us millennials need life hacks because we want things to be as efficient as possible on a daily basis. We don’t have people looking after us all the time and grown up life is tough, ok? No, I am not crying, you’re crying.

So, when life chucks lemons at you, you go out there, buy some wires, stick ‘em in the lemon, charge your iPhone and Google how to make a damn margarita. You do you, boo.

10. Waterproof shoes

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To waterproof your canvas shoes, simply rub them down with some beeswax. Next get a blow dryer and use it to melt the beeswax you have used rubbed all over your shoes. It will melt and no longer be visible to the eye. Instant water proofing!

9. Iron shirt collars

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Shirt collars seem to have a will of their own and will not stay put no matter how hard you have tried pressing them down with iron. A simple trick is to not bother with the collars at all beforehand. However when you put on the shirt, simply take your hair flattening iron and keep it pressed between the rod for a few seconds. Freshly ironed collars ready to go!

8. Shower hooks for the closet

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Usually folding and stacking jeans one on top of the other takes up a lot of space on the close. Navigating through the stacks when you are in a hurry is a pain as well. Buy a pack of inexpensive shower hooks and use them to organize your jeans by hanging them through their belt hoops. It will give you not only instant access but also better visibility to your jeans. You can also use this to organize and hang handbags.

7. Trash liner to go

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Taking the trash out every day has to be the biggest sore point in every family with each member pinning the duty on the other one. One simple trick is to line the trash bin with a few liners in one go instead of putting a new one in every single day. This way, when taking out the trash when the load feels extra heavy, you can take off an extra liner to reinforce the one containing the trash. It will also be of great help if the liner containing trash is ripped while taking it out or has goop leaking (bleukh). Not to mention the added benefit of not returning to replace the liner because there’s already one in there. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

6. Getting scuff marks off suede shoes


Who doesn’t love suede shoes and boots? I know I do. They add an instant pop to whatever look you are going for. But they just seem to invite attention and the bad kind too. No matter how hard you try you will end up coming home with all sorts of stains on your shoes. If you are lucky, they will only have a few scuff marks here and there. For scuff marks, this old school tip works the best. Get a simple pencil eraser and get rubbing. Keep rubbing until the marks begin to disappear, and they will. For tougher marks and stains you can apply alcohol or vinegar but make sure to get it on a Q-tip first and then use that to apply it to the stain on the shoes.

5. DIY dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo is a life-saving product which saves you from being embarrassed when you have to leave for some place in a hurry and have not had time to shampoo your hair. It is especially a blessing in disguise for people with super greasy hair who have to have a fresh hair wash every single day to keep their hair from looking like it belongs in an oil field. For times when you don’t have a dry shampoo on hand, you can DIY! For lighter and colored hair use cornstarch and for darker hair use cocoa powder. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to add some fragrance.

4. Instant grocery list

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If you are anything like millions of other people you are either too lazy to write down dwindling grocery supplies or are over-confident that you’d remember them anyway. You will never remember them, take it from us. Instead of raking your brains for what you’re forgetting when you are out doing grocery shopping try these two simple tricks.

  • You could make a separate folder in your picture gallery on the phone for grocery items. As soon something finishes, snap a picture of the items and add it to the album.
  • Or you could simply open your fridge wide open and snap a picture. When at the store, take it out and see what the missing items are.

3. Don’t let it drip

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When undertaking a paint job, get a tough elastic rubber band and loop it vertically around the paint can. Whenever you dip the brush in the bucket, use the rubber band to wipe the excess paint off. No dripping and no wasting paint ever again.

2. Organize those cables without spending a dime

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We have multiple gadgets at home and the number increases with each family member. Almost everyone has a TV in their room, gaming stations, a phone, an iPod, an iPad and all sorts of monitors and beepers. Not to mention kids and their electronic toys with cables and chargers of their own. With a plethora of wires lying around, things can get messy and be lost real soon. To remedy this, get an old shoe box and fill it up with use toilet rolls as you go. Store all the stray wires in here and keep it in a common, shared space. You can glue the rolls to the shoe box to keep them from coming out every time you pull out a wire. Or simply remove the entire roll, remove the wire and put the roll back inside the box.

1. The sandwich magician

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If you love your sandwiches as much as we do, you’ll appreciate this little hack more than anyone else. It always sucks when there is no meat at the sides and in the corners and is mostly just packed in the center. Cut your meat into halves and simply line the sandwich wherever you want the most flavor.


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